Unique Ways To Please Her

There are a lot of ways to please a woman and make sex fun, exciting and longer lasting. Sex is not all about intercourse.

Sex should be about making her entire body feel good, and there are thousands of ways to do this.

Trying out different things can be as much or more fun that actual intercourse.

Or these things can be used as an appetizer for intercourse to get her more aroused. When it the shower, take the time to wash each other with soap and water. Running your hands across each other's soapy bodies can feel very nice as the soap makes it especially slippery.

A man can also insert his penis part of the way into his lover's vagina. He can then move his penis from side to side or stroke it part way in and out. This feels so good in a teasing way, and can also get her very aroused.

Have your lover masturbate for you. Watching her masturbate can give you some great clues to what she enjoys and what she does to bring herself to orgasm. Then, you can duplicate these things when you are stimulating her with your hands or with your mouth.

You can see the frequency and lengths of her strokes, how much pressure she applies to her clitoris to cause an orgasm, whether she starts and stops or stimulates herself continuously for an orgasm, if she touches herself in other places on her body, such as the nipples or some other area, and what the signs are for when she is going to have an orgasm.

This gives you plenty of information on how to please her when it is your turn. Take some pictures of your lover while she is in some erotic sexual positions that you enjoy.

The advent of digital cameras makes it possible for you to take sexy pictures in the privacy of your own home and print them out on your computer.

This is a great way for you to enjoy seeing your lover in a way that turns you on and you can share these sexy pictures between the two of you. Tuck one into one of her drawers that you know she will be opening so that she gets a peek of one of these sexy pictures.

Some couples really enjoy combining food with sex. Some ways in which you can do this is to put some food that you like on her genitals and then lick it off. It can be anything from honey to yogurt to whipped cream.

You can also place a chocolate bar or peeled banana into her vagina and eat it out of her, which can be an erotic experience for both of you.

You can also use various parts of her body to stimulate your penis, such as placing it between her breasts and then pushing them together. You can also place them between the cheeks of her buttocks.

Rub her all over with your penis as foreplay to your lovemaking. You can also have her return the favor by running her breasts and genitals over various parts of your body.

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