Sexy Things To Do After Sex

It seems like men just want to go to sleep after sex, while women want to talk and cuddle.

In fact, the hormones that our brains release during sex have opposite effects on men and women.

Men's brains go into a state of rest while women's brains are stimulated and there is a desire to have an emotional connection with the man she just had sex with.

Even with these two diverse things going on in the brains of the couple after sex, there are a lot of things that are nearly as sexy as sex that couples can do after the sex is over.

These things don't have to take a long time, either. Engaging in one or two of these suggestions can actually fulfill a woman's need for an emotional connection while also allowing a man to enjoy himself after sex. You can both let each other know what sexy moves turned you on the most.

While men love to hear about how good they are in bed, women like to hear about the things they did that drover their man wild. Stroke each other's egos just like you were recently stroking their body and it will make an impression on both of you.

You can talk hot positions, great techniques or smooth moves, but be specific with each other. Another great thing to do after sex is to lie face to face and do some light touching of each other. This does not mean you should start stroking each other's genitals and various erogenous zones.

Gently tracing your fingers over each other's bodies, you can maintain that connection while also coming down from that sexual high. If you are feeling really energized, you can give each other a light back and shoulder massage.

Even though this is meant to be an after sex activity, it can turn into another round of sex, which is always a good thing. Dragging each other into the shower after sex can be a relaxing or sensual experience or both, if you want it to be.

You can start a nice, hot, steamy shower and then spend time soaping each other's back, shoulders, buttocks, etc. It is a nice way to stay close that lets her know that you enjoyed your recent bedroom activities.

The hot water can also stimulate your blood circulation, so you might find yourselves pushing each other up against the shower wall and having sex again.

If she is still interested in having another orgasm and you are too tired to oblige, invite her to finish the orgasm herself. Assure her that there is nothing a man likes better than watching his lover pleasure herself.

This could also potentially get you aroused for a second round of sex. A final thing to do after sex is what most women want, to cuddle up together. This does not mean that you can't snooze a bit.

Throw an arm and a leg across her and pull her up close to your side. Often, this kind of snuggling is exactly what she needs. And it just might feel really good to you, too.

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