Sex Etiquette For Men

While most men do not believe they need to know anything about etiquette, the sad fact is that most men are sadly lacking in this area.

In addition, there are some things that women would really like men to know when it comes to sex.

The word etiquette should not make men worry, because knowing these things will quite possibly improve their sex life and make their lover happy.

Also, knowing the best way to handle all those little awkward moments that tend to happen when it comes to the subject of sex is a good thing. So here are a few sex etiquette tips that women wish men knew.

A man should always wash his sheets after having an overnight visit from a lover. If a man does not currently have a lover, he should wash his sheets at least once a month because to wait any longer than that is unhygienic.

If a man brings a woman back to his place to have sex, his house, apartment, condo, etc, should be reasonably clean and filth-free. No one wants to have sex with a man who keeps his place like a pig.

A man should also never be obvious about looking at a woman's breasts while talking to her. It is embarrassing for the women and an insult to her intelligence.

Men should not be drunk when trying to have sex because they will not be able to perform up to their usual standards even if they think they can perform up to their usual standards. Men should always be prepared to have sex.

By this, it means that a man should have condoms stored discreetly in his home, and said condoms should not be so old that they are expired. Kissing and telling went out with the seventh grade.

It is okay to mention to your friends that you had a date last night, but you do not need to give every little intimate detail. There is nothing wrong with one person asking another if they have been tested recently for STDs and asking to see the paperwork.

This has nothing to do with how a woman feels about you, nor is it about trust. It is simply a smart thing to do. You should not ask a woman how many sexual partners she has had in the past. Truly it is none of your business.

If a woman wants you to know that kind of thing, she will offer the information freely. If you are one of those people that like to have a shower after sex, invite her to join you.

This way, she doesn't feel like you are thinking negative thoughts about your recent sexual experience, and it may just lead to another. Do not overstay your welcome.

If you are in the beginning stages of a relationship, it may be tempting to stay at her place and have sex like crazy and not leave her side for three days. However, even a woman who is crazy about you needs some down time, and it is always good to leave her wanting more of you.

Do you know that a bigger and longer penis will actually boost you and your partner pleasure during sex? Isn't it great that you can provide your lover with an enhanced sensation that couldn't be possible with your current size?

Will you be willing to provide that kinds of pleasure that most women desire for the girl you love? Well, you may think it is

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