Female Sexual Turn-Offs

Bondage is perhaps the most often fantasized sex play that people have.

Most people will admit they have wondered about what it would be like to be tied down at the mercy of their partner, or be the one to dominate their partner in this way.

Nearly everyone has had some time of bondage fantasy. Bondage adds a hint of danger, a hint of mystery and a hint of something that is a little bit wild to any sexual relationship.

Some lovers just think about it while other lovers use it regularly to add something spicy and interesting to their sex life. Still others are somewhat hesitant about trying it, but often find that they like it a lot once they have tried it.

It is called the "ultimate sex game," because it is all about the issues of domination and submission, total surrender and total power. What is there about bondage that is not a turn-on?

By doing it with love and understanding, and without the intention to hurt another, bondage can really get both partners aroused. You might also get some insight both into yourself and into your partner about what you like during sex and what turns you on.

You don't really need any special tools for bondage. A few silk scarves or lengths of soft rope can make it easy. You can choose a variety of materials, but it is best to use things that are soft so that you do not injure your partner.

While having a brass bed with rails, a four poster bed or any other bed that has both a headboard and footboard are best, you can still enjoy some bondage fun even if all you have is a simple mattress and box spring on a frame.

The rope can be run underneath the bed and you can anchor the hands and feet that way. Some couples quickly find that one person enjoys to be tied while the other enjoys being the one who ties them up. However, other couples find that they enjoy taking turns.

Try it out both ways, as you never know what you will enjoy when it comes to bondage until you try it. Variety is the spice of life, after all. It can also be fun to blindfold your partner so that they become more aware of each sensation, each feeling.

It also heightens the sense of anticipation and danger because they have no idea what is coming next. You can cover each other with kisses, perform oral sex and generally enjoy exploring their helpless body.

You can also tease their body with a variety of items, such as ice cubes, feathers or massage oils. Above all, bondage should be fun for both partners. If one partner is unsure about trying it, ease into it slowly and allow them to call a halt to the activities the minute they become uncomfortable.

Bondage should be pleasurable, not painful. It should be a way to share something else with your partner and become closer through a walk on the wilder side of sex. Looking for ways to spice up sex life is vital for any relationship.

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