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Are you tired of trying to apologize for your sexual performance? Do you dread having a woman see you naked? These are common problems for men who are suffering from a small penis.

Despair, depression and a lack of self confidence all come into play when the male of the species is not happy with the size of his penis.

That is why you are here. You are looking for the answers to this eternal question and hoping that some kind of relief from this issue is on the horizon. If you have been suffering from this your entire life then you know that the industry surrounding the penis enlargement products and so on was mired in scams and such.

That meant that little faith in such things was given and many men just resolved themselves to the fact that they would have to deal with the small penis they had.

However, little did most people know that there was a revolution in the industry and the medical community took notice of the penis size issue after many years. This has brought about a whole new era in the ways that a man can enlarge the penis and increase the sexual pleasure of you and your partner.

Marking this kind of issue has been the idea that you need to take part in several things to aid your penis enlargement. That is very true and no one method is right for everyone. There are many ways and methods that will help a person but perhaps he does not have the kind of time investment that is required. There is also the matter of being discreet.

While this may be a way for a man to increase several parts of his life for the better, he has no desire to spread the word that he is suffering from a small penis. Little do most men know, there are exercises that have been proven highly effective in the battle for increasing penis length.

These exercises are used in combination with other products and devices to aid you in the penis enlargement area and can have dramatic results should you use them. They are effective when used alone but when combines with other methods such as penis traction device will speed up penile growth and maximize penile gain.

To aid you in the search we have put together a short list of the top 5 penis enlargement exercise programs as they appear at this point. There is a lot of talk about penis enlargement exercise but real information is very hard to come by.

Value for money
High quality
Guaranteed results 
Amounts gained 
Customer support
Consumer feedback 
Money back guarantee

That is why we have compiled it all into one site. You will find the top five programs listed in order, each one reviewed and ranked according to results from real customers as well as our independent studies. Additionally each site we review must meet the following criteria:

You can stop wasting your time with biased sites and over the top advertising venues. We have brought only the best right to your computer screen in an easy to read and understand format.

We want you to succeed! Have faith in yourself! Don't give up! And work towards your enlargement goal.

Find Out Which Exercise
Will Enlarge Your Penis?

Products Penis
Penis Access Penile Secrets Penis Advantage
Average Penis Gains
2 - 3 2 - 3 2 - 3 1 - 3 1 - 3
Doctor Approved Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Outstanding Excellent Excellent Average Average
Support Team


Excellent Excellent Average Poor
Multiple Methods Yes* Yes Yes Yes No
Guarantee 6 Months 6 Months 6 Months 6 Months 8 Weeks
Our Ranking #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
Read Read Read Read Read

* Allow you to combine exercise with device for best results.

These rankings are based upon user feedbacks and our own research. If you have tried any penis enlargement exercise programs, please send your feedbacks to Thank you for your contributions.

Top 5 Penis Enlargement
Exercise Programs - Short Overview

       Users Voted Penis Health #1

The Penis Health Exercise Program is an award winning program which has been recommended by the doctors. It has been rated as the number one choice by different review websites as well. Moreover, hundreds of users have liked the awesome customer support service as well as the comprehensive and reputable enhancement resources.

The fact is that this exercise program has been ranked number one in terms of system quality, effectiveness and quick results by many medical professionals, review websites and the users respectively. Penis Health exercise program is easy to follow and comprises of many doctor approved exercise which result in quick penis growth for males.

The user feedbacks which we have received report that the customer service was excellent and that the average permanent penis gain ranged from two to three inches. So if you are really keen to increase your penis size and want to avail other benefits, then we recommend you The Penis Health Exercise Program for sure. 

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       Users Voted Erection Fitness #2

The Erection Fitness exercise program is a medically backed program which has been approved by the doctors. If you search the web for any of the penis enhancement review websites you will notice that Erection Fitness is ranked among the top three exercise programs. But we have rated it as the number two penis enhancement exercise program.

The feedbacks that we had received show that customer support service is awesome and they provide prompt reply to any queries as well.

Those users who tried Erection Fitness exercise program reported a permanent penis gain between two to three inches. Thus, this exercise program has proved to be effective in producing desired results and it is our second most recommended exercise program as well. 

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     Users Voted Penis Access #3

This exercise program has been approved and recommended by doctors. This means that is safe to perform again and again. The clinical trials have shown that when the exercises are performed as instructed then there will be an increase in the permanent penis size for up to three inches.

We have received many feedbacks from users which report that the customer support is exceptional and that the users experienced a permanent increase in penis size ranging from two to three inches. 

Thus, on the whole Penis Access exercise program has been liked by majority of the users as it is quite effective and efficient in producing desired results. It is a good alternative if our top two exercise programs are not available in the market. 

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        Users Voted Penile Secrets #4

An exercise program known as Penile Secrets has been developed to help males attain a penile gain of three inches respectively. We have received plenty of user feedbacks which reveal that the users experienced a penis gain ranging from one to three inches through this penis exercise program. 

The fact is that the Penile Secrets is such a penis exercise program which is meant for those who want to achieve a penis gain only from an exercise program.

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        Users Voted Penis Advantage #5

The Penis Advantage is basically an exercise program which is designed to help males achieve a penis gain for nearly three inches. This is only possible if the instructions as followed properly. But the exercise program which is offered is not approved by the doctors or backed by medical studies. 

The feedbacks which we have received show that the customer support service needs to be improved and that the users experienced an average gain of one to three inches. In reality, Penis Advantage exercise program provides a good option to those males who want to have a larger penis through exercise. 

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