Effective Jelq Technique
To Enhance Your Penis

Penis enlargement is one of the most openly discussed problems these days.

Earlier men lived with whatever they were born with as they were shy and embarrassed to discuss their personal problems openly.

However, these days many men share their personal issues and opinions openly.

If you have a small penis then Jelq technique is the solution to your dear problem. Jelq technique is an ancient Arabic exercise which has been used and passed on to generations to generations for hundreds of years.

Most of the men who have tried the Jelq technique have achieved their desired target in about a year's time. It has helped to not only increase the length and the girth of the penis but also the strength of the penis. 

Jelqing is nothing but forcing the blood to flow through the penis which produces pressure in it. This exercise creates micro tears which are easily healed overnight. Jelq technique is very safe and easy to perform if followed the instructions properly.

There are no side effects and is self care health technique. Beware of the various products and techniques in the market which assure you bigger and better growth. Jelq technique is the best way to gain maximum length and girth of your penis.

It is slow method to enhance the penis but assure you the permanent enlarged penis. You must be patient while performing Jelqing technique as it might start showing result only after 6-8 months. 

It is very important that you do not lose patience and opt for penis enhancement surgery. Penis enhancement surgery is very painful and has many side effects.

Those men who have had penis enhancement surgery are not satisfied with the end result. Penis which has undergone the surgey might bend or have problems while erection. 

You must warm up before you start the Jelq technique. Wrap a wet towel soaked in the lukewarm water and not hot water around your penis. Repeat the procedure till the pernis is fifty to seventy five percent erect.

Apply your own lubricant like baby oil, Vaseline, body or skin lotion, petroleum jelly or even olive oil. Take at least half a table spoon of it to start with. 

To perform the Jelq technique you need to use your thumb and the forefinger to form a circle around the base of your penis. Stroke your penis with moderate grip at the beginning and increase the pressure at the end. Ensure that each stroke does not take less than three seconds. 

Each stroke should be full length long. While stroking if you feel the urge to ejaculate then stop for a while and start again or squeeze the head to restrain the ejaculation. Jelq technique will increase the length, girth and strengthen your penis.

Perform this exercise everyday regularly for maximum of thirty minutes a day. Do not over do it. It might shrink after the work out. 

Always remember that your follow the instructions carefully. The information is easily available over the internet for free or at a very reasonable price. So log on to any of the search engine and search for the necessary information.

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