Penal Enlargement

For most men, having a longer and thicker penis means better sexual performance and improved sexual satisfaction.

No wonder most men want to enlarge their penis.

If you are one of the many men who want to increase the size of their penis there are several options you can consider.

Not all of them are effective and harmless. Here are some of them:

Penis surgery – a rather drastic measure, penis surgery is expensive, potentially dangerous and practically ineffective. Post operation complications such as infection or bleeding may even disfigure the penis.

Vacuum penis pumps – these devices are not as expensive as penis surgery but are nonetheless potentially dangerous and ineffective. With a vacuum pump, negative pressure is exerted on the penis.

This can cause damage to the blood vessels within the penis. Penis curvature can also worsen through the use of this device. Although penis pumps can visibly enlarge the penis, the penal enlargement is only temporary and will soon wear out.

Also, penis pump is very inconvenient because users will need to use the device just before having sex. These devices while not as expensive as penis surgery, are also dangerous and ineffective.

Penis enlargement pills – these are medications that contain various herbal and natural ingredients that are supposed to help improve sexual performance.

Also known as penis pills, they are all natural and also contain vitamins and minerals to help keep the body healthy. Penis pills are to be taken several times a day, depending on the dosage.

These pills work by increasing the blood flow into the penis and producing harder and longer erections. Over time, the increased blood flow can have an enlarging effect on the penis tissue.

Aside from penal enlargement, penis pills can also treat erectile dysfunction, help control premature ejaculation, improve sexual stamina, and enhance overall sexual performance.

Penis extenders – these are devices that use traction to help increase the length of the penis. Penis extenders usually consist of a plastic ring that is enclosed at the base of the penis.

A plastic holder is also placed on the head of the penis. In between these two contraptions are dynamic metal bars that apply gentle but constant tension on the penis by stretching.

The pressure can be manually adjusted by the user. By stretching, the open spaces grow between the cells of the penis. The body's amazing regenerative ability will then allow the cells to divide and multiply thus increasing the erectile tissue mass.

This results to added length and girth for the penile region. Penis extenders can be used over a period of 2-6 months with varying results.

Penis patches – this is one of the latest penal enlargement solutions. Just like penis pills, patches uses herbal and natural ingredients. However, unlike pills, the ingredients are directly administered to the bloodstream in accurate doses through advanced transdermal technology.

Penis patches work by enhancing libido, improving control over ejaculation, stimulating harder and longer erections, strengthening sexual stamina and adding extra inches to the penis length and girth. 

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