Penis Enlargement Exercise:
Enhancing your Penis the Natural Way 

Having a bigger and thicker penis is something that men desire.

It is a known fact that a majority of men are not fully satisfied with their penis size.

Though experts have proven that technique is more important than length and size since most of the female organ's most erogenous zones are located near the vulva or the outer part of the vagina, most men still prefer a larger penis to prove themselves as better lovers.

Aside from penis size, most men want to eliminate certain problems such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Thus a majority of men look for ways to enlarge their penis and enhance their sexual performance. 

Penis enlargement is becoming a popular trend with a large number of men opting for a male enhancement technique of some sort to help improve their penis size.

There are several male enhancement methods available. These techniques range from taking pills, using penis patches and undergoing surgery.

Fortunately for men who do not have the patience or the finances to purchase pills or patches, nor the courage to undergo risky surgery, there are some natural techniques or penis exercises.

With these exercises, you can add to the size of your sex organ at your own pace and time. Penis exercises are safe and effective.

Moreover, you do not have to spend for anything just to do penis exercises. One of the best penis enlargement exercises is designed to strengthen the penis and increase the blood flow to the corpora cavernosa, the spongy tissue that gets engorged with blood when the penis is erect.

Known as Jelqing, this technique has been around for thousands of years. Here are step by step instructions you can do:

  • Warm up your penis with a warm towel
  • Get your penis to a semi-erect state
  • Sit down with your back straight
  • Enclose your left hand over the base of the penis; make sure the penis is fully lubricated
  • Grasp the penis base with your right hand and squeeze lightly
  • Move your right hand up towards the head of the penis, still lightly squeezing as you go
  • Don't rush the upward stroke; make it last for 3-5 seconds
  • Repeat the process as long as you're comfortable
  • Cool down the penis with a towel
Like in any exercise regimen, you should do this penis enlargement exercise with regularity and consistency. You should also be very careful when doing this exercise as it can cause damage to the penis' delicate tissues if done incorrectly.

It is also not recommended to do this exercise daily. Allow for rest periods in between to allow your penis to adapt and grow. Another penis enhancement exercise you can try is the PC flex or Kegel exercises. This involves squeezing the muscle that controls the flow of urine.

Making that muscle stronger will result to stronger orgasms and lower risk of premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. These are just two of the many penis enlargement exercises you can try.

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