Two kinds of penis enlargement exercises

It may surprise you to know that penis enlargement exercises have been around for a very long time.

There are two different kinds of penis exercises; they can be done manually and with a mechanical device.

Men may have a preference for performing the exercises one way or the other.

There are pros and cons of doing it each way; some men may want to try both methods to see which one works best for them.

Penis exercises performed by hand
Most penis exercises are performed by manually manipulating the penis with bare hands, using particular hand motions to encourage enlargement both in length and girth.

The advantage to working this way is that men always have the tools they need to do the penis exercises whenever and wherever it is convenient. Another advantage is that performing the exercises this way is that it is extremely private.

The methodology can be learned online and without anyone else knowing what a man is doing. For men who are especially concerned about privacy, the manual penis enlargement exercises may be the most suitable, as they'll be comfortable enough to continue the exercises for the long term. 

Penis enlargement exercises performed by device
Any Internet search for the terms penis enlargement exercises will return results that feature mechanical devices designed to replicate the same motions and physical effects of performing the exercises by hand.

The advantage to working this way is that the exercise is performed in the same consistent manner no matter what.

When doing the penis enlargement exercises by hand, it's possible that a man's technique may be off, or he may go easier or harder on himself than need be depending on stress, fatigue, or other factors.

By using a device, the same exercise is performed in the same measured fashion every single time; this may return more a more consistent improvement.

For men who are comfortable buying and using a penis enlargement device and keeping it around the house, a mechanical device may be the way to go. Also, men who are uncomfortable with manually manipulating their penises may prefer a mechanical aid.

Another point to consider when thinking about using a mechanical device is cost; there are a number of different types and models available at different price points. It's commonly believed that you get what you pay for and this is no different.

As you can see, there are advantages and disadvantages to both methods of penis enlargement exercises. While some men may be okay with taking a real "hands on" approach to their exercises, others may prefer to use a mechanical device.

Doing the exercises by hand means men can make adjustments to their technique as needed; doing the exercises with a mechanical device means men can obtain a more consistent technique and perhaps a more dramatic result sooner.

There are privacy and budget options to consider, but to a large extent, it really comes down to a man's personal preference. Whichever method a man is most comfortable with is the one that he's going to stick with and find the most results with.

And that's the best way to find success with penis enlargement exercises.

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