Steroids Can Shrink A Man's Penis

Steroids have been banned by nearly all the major sports, including high school sports. However, there are individuals who still use them. Majority of people who use them include athletes, bodybuilders and people who feel that they need to look stronger. They are also usedas pain relievers in some instances. Nevertheless, most of the time, people use them to promote growth of muscles and tissues.If misused, steroids can result in a range of side effects including death.

There are different types of steroids available on the market. Anabolic steroids are the most commonly used form of steroids. Apart from enlarging the muscles of the user, anabolic steroids are also known to increase the level of testosteronein the body. Testosterone is commonly known to generate the masculine features that usually accompany a boy who is growing during puberty. For this reason, anabolic steroids are utilized by men who believe that it will assist them to increase their penis size and their erection. On the other hand, anabolic steroids are quite expensive and thus difficult for most men to cope with the cost to see if their penis will grow to the desired size. In that case, most of them turn to steroid containing substances that could ultimately cause severe healthy and physical damage.

As stated earlier, anabolic steroids are known to cause particularadverse effects to the body of the user.The side effects are said to be severe and death in extreme cases. Majority of the steroids cause permanent damage to organs and other body parts. Among the most commonly affected parts is the male reproductive organ. Thisis mainly because; the male reproductive organ also produces anabolic, just like other hormones. In this regard, the body shouldn't have excess levels of anabolic. When excessive levels are reached, they can make a man impotent either permanently or temporarily. When a man is taking steroidstheir sexual desire decreases significantly. At some point, it may even become difficult for them to obtain an erection. The adverse effects of steroids are so powerful that even improved libido, and sexual desire aren't enough to make a penis erect. Essentially, steroids deprive the penis its ability to perform its normal functions.

There are no studies showing a direct association between penis shrinkage and the use of steroids. There are various things that cause a man's penis to shrink. Firstly, apenis will usually shrink when a man lacks sexual desire (that can be caused by the use of steroids). Secondly, wearing tight under wearscan also result in reduced penis size. Unfortunately, steroids can make the penis remain in a shrunk state. This can be explained by the fact that erection becomes a problem, yet it is the only way through which a penis can grow. Some people believe that steroids use result in the permanent shrinkage of their penis. The effort to restore the original size of the penis can become futile when the damage has occurred.

When everything is said and done, it is important to note that steroids are not directly responsible for penis shrinkage. However, they usually accelerate the problem. Would be users are required to note that, while steroids can cause muscle growth, they also cause severedamage. For this reason, the side effects must be emphasized,and individuals should seek steroid information and prescription from experienced and reputable health practitioners.

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