On Line Dating FAQ

Many people have questions when it comes to on line dating. This is very common as they seem to be out of their element. Because of that issue they are looking to have some of the many questions they have answered. So we have put together a short on line dating FAQ.

Why do I get responses that do not meet my criteria?

This is a very common issue when it comes to on line dating. The people out there simply get a lot of responses and often times they are no where near what they are looking for in a mate. Well this is something that will happen no matter what you do or say with your profile.

Try as they might, the on line dating services can not control the actions of their members. Some people are just out there randomly responding to profiles and such. The filtering of such results is not all that easy. You have to learn to deal with this issue.

At times these random responses could be the scammers that are out there. They often just respond to as many profiles as they can to see if they will get any returns. The best way to combat this issue is to report the people to the on line dating service that you are using.

I am not receiving any responses why?

This could happen for a number of reasons. Many times people are not getting responses because of a simple technical glitch in the system or there could be any number of reasons for it as well. You should use the following steps to check it out.

The first step is to make sure that you are not limiting your profile too much. This is a rookie mistake that is made often times and it severely limits the amount of replies that you will get. Go easy on some of the things in the profile and you will see that your replies will increase.

If you are supposed to receive the replies by email then you should check your SPAM guard. Many times the system is denied access to sending you email because you have a very aggressive SPAM blocking system in place. Just white list the service and you should be fine.

I have received a response that wants personal info, what do I do?

Never respond to this type of reply to your profile. This is where the on line dating scene can get a bit dangerous.

You should always be sure that you are protecting your private data and yourself from these people. The fact is that they are scammers looking for prey.

Whether we like it or not the scammers prey on people from the on line dating services. You should always report this sort of activity to the service so the member can be banned.

There are times when this is completely innocent but that is not usually the case. Your protection should be the foremost thing on your mind.

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