7 Essential Tips For The First Dates

Most of the men are unaware about how to face the first date and how to behave in it. Here are some tips that help them to win their date.

1) Create a plan:

In order to make your first date a memorable one, you need to make plan on the basis of your partner's mood and taste. If you are guy please consider that it is very difficult to please your girlfriend. However you can use many of simple methods like music and long ride that almost every girl like.

2) Personal hygiene:

It is on of the foremost thing that every one needs to keep their mind. Any one who is going their first date need to be extremely conscious bout personal hygiene. No one likes to date in untidy hairs and stinking socks. You also need to wear formal dresses. The perfumes are very important because they can often turn on people. However never overplay the perfume.

3) Give your partner complements:

Guys need to take care of some important things on their first date. Take some complements like flower or chocolates for your date. It is good idea to complement her and this will make her feel special. You need to talk about people that you both know or people that you have met through out the night. It is a very attractive characteristic.

4) Be a class act:

If you are guy and going to start your first date, you need to be a class act. This is because courtesy towards the woman in first date may be very bad. However if you try to receive it just a little, she will like you more. Pull out her chair, support her on icy sidewalks, open the door for her etc are good example for it.

5) Arrange your first date in a quiet places:

It is better to arrange somewhere quiet like coffee shop for your meeting, because you are still in the getting used to each other stage. Never do it over a nice meal because when you are eating a meal you want to feel comfortable. It will get the initial bonding out of the way.

So please start it with a couple of drinks. The drinks help to calm your nervous. You need to comment on her appearance, but it need to be a genuine one.

6) Hug and kiss her at the beginning of the date:

If you can break down the physical barrier in the beginning of first date, that makes the rest of the dates so much easier. Try to give her a hug and tell how delightful she looks. If it has gone reasonably well, then you can try to kiss her. If you ended your date with a great kiss, it can equal an awesome date.

7) Don't try to sleep with your date:

It is not a good idea to having sex on a first date. Studies have shown that people who have sex on a first date have lot more problems to build good relationship than those who are delaying the sex. So even if the date is going very well, you never push for sleep over. Then she will fancy you a gentleman.

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