Want to Date A Colleague - What Is The Best Way To Go About It?

It is very often that you start liking a person with whom you are working. After all you spend about one third of your day in the office with your colleagues.

Many people feel odd about themselves when they find that they are attracted to a colleague because they fear the consequences of a rejection.

However, you will never know until you try - and some of the most enduring and rewarding relationships are the outcome of office romance.

Eliminate The Worst Scenario

You are afraid to make the move? Do not be. Think what could be the worst possible scenario - he or she would refuse your invitation for a date. Chapter closed.

Is it really that bad? On the other hand, they could accept and you could find out that they are not actually what you thought they would be - you would have to put a full stop to it. Again, done with finesse it should not ruffle any feathers. End of the chapter again.

Making That First Step Needs Some Preparation

When you ask your friend for a date it should sound casual and free of any pressure. However, the best results would be when you have prepared yourself for that BIG question.

You need to first be comfortable with the asking yourself. If you feel nervous - practice a few times in front of your mirror and imagine the possible outcome - Yes and No - both.

In that way you would not feel embarrassed if your request meets with a negative answer; and when you take it sportingly, it would not embarrass your colleague either.

Find out what he/ she feels about you through a common friend - if you want to find out about your chances of success - you could request a common friend to casually enquire about the possibility with that colleague so you would know what they feel about you.

That would spare both your feelings - if he/ she or she are not really inclined towards knowing you better.

Befriend the colleague first - many beautiful romantic engagements are the result of initial enduring friendships. Why not start with friendship first and let things move at its own pace.

Very often you would know the colleague much better as a friend than you would ever know them as dates. Most often you would find it easier to approach them as friends than as a prospective date.

Invite them for a non-romantic outing - invite your colleagues to come home for breakfast or to join you for a concert or to a birthday party and so on. Give yourself some space to interact with that colleague outside the office atmosphere - even if it sharing a meal at the office canteen.

Give loud and clear non-verbal signals and see what you get back. Your eyes and mannerisms can speak plenty and people are fast to catch on when you send these signals.

They have their own way to accept or reject these signals - so you could start, explore and finish the whole story with no words spoken.

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