Causes For Fear Of Rejection While Attracting Women

Why do you think many guys have a fear of rejection? They even find it difficult to identify the exact reason behind it. However, most of the times it is the pressure to look smart and handsome cause's fear of rejection while attracting women. Fear is something which is a psychological aspect of human body and requires to be taken care of.

Rejection by men or women could be due to number of reasons. It may be because of the socio-economic status or may be due to the family background. One of the major reasons could be the personality of the guy which the girl did not like. It has been researched through lot of surveys that appearance is the main reason which creates a fear of rejection while attracting women.

Fear of rejection is a personality disorder which is characterized by both social situations and interpersonal relationships. Men and women having this kind of disorder show low self-esteem, shyness and mistrust towards others. They lack in their confidence levels and always have a negative attitude.

Causes for Fear Of Rejection While Attracting Women

  • It could be due to genetic or biological factors which may give rise to such kind of fear.
  • It could be due to excessive shyness during childhood. Fear of meeting strangers during childhood often persists in their adulthood as well. It is one of the reasons why lot of guys finds it difficult to approach a woman.
  • Hypersensitive to criticism is also one of the causes for fear of rejection while attracting women. Criticism is a part of life and everybody has to face it, but there are people who cannot take it. This hypersensitivity to criticism restricts them to approach a woman.
  • Certain researches reveal that painful early experiences have most of the times resulted in this kind of a disorder.
  • Failure in previous relationships also creates fear of rejection. In such cases they cannot make bond with the other person.

Fear of rejection is an unhealthy behavioral pattern that may require assistance from the psychologists. They have conversations with the person and help them to deal with situations which they are running away from. They make the guys understand and identify their strong points which can help them in attracting women.

The more you understand about rejection, the better you can deal with it and cope up with its effect. One must take an effort to reach out to a friend, relative or a counselor and speak up about the fear of rejection. This disorder can actually give rise to lot of other problems like aggressive nature, jealousy or possessiveness if not taken care on time.

You can attract a woman when you are confident and have positive attitude. Try and make efforts to learn different techniques of attracting women. There are several dating websites available on the internet which gives information and tips for proposing.

Every single person has some good qualities and some bad. See both the aspects in a positive manner and move ahead in life. If somebody rejects you, it is better to move ahead in life rather than just thinking about what has past. Physical appearance is not the only thing in this world which helps in attracting women.

Inner beauty, your personality, your confident approach, good sense of humor, and most important is handling a particular situation is good enough to attract a woman.

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