Learn What Really Turn Women On

You are reading this article to know how to be attractive to women. Most men think that to be attractive means dressing smart, talking smart and looking smart.

Well, you are wrong. Women may be initially attracted to slick looking or talking guys; however, there are other things that really make a woman want a man.

Be A Man Of Essence

Be polite to the help - men who are rude or impolite to the waiters, ushers and other people around are a great turn off to women. It actually says that the man is a brute and totally self-centered.

On the other hand, men who can say 'thank you' where it is due and who can be as tolerant as the circumstances require show that they are sensitive and caring - both traits that are very high up on the list of women.

There is a saying - 'everyone can be polite to a king, but it takes a real gentleman to be polite to a beggar'. The ability to treat people humanely regardless of their station is one of the most endearing traits to women.

Be yourself and feel good about it - no one is perfect and women know this very well. Men who try to look and behave perfect not only are boring, but come out as false.

And nothing can be put a woman off faster than felling that her date is false in front of her. Women find truth and candidness very attractive. Therefore, men who can accept their flaws and still feel normal are always magnetic.

The message is, 'if I can accept myself for what I am, I would accept you for what you are as well' - and this is just the message a woman is looking for when she looks for a man.

Be gallant - gallantry will never ever go out of fashion. Forget about feminism and 'women and equal' stuff. When you take out a woman, make her feel like a queen; like someone you have never see in your life; like the eight wonder.

Gallantry will always floor a woman - however hard a feminist she is. A word of warning - gallantry does not mean leading the way; so, see that you do not start taking decisions for her in the name of gallantry.

This would come off as chauvinist. Gallantry simply means that you do everything in your power to see that she is comfortable and safe.

Be clean - it is astonishing how many men skip on this aspect. A woman will always be repelled by dirt and untidiness. Pay extra attention to your nails, hair and shoes.

Nails should be short and clean; hair should be shampooed and combed. Forget about funky styles - when you go out on a date, ensure that your hair is well combed and decent. You can be wild after you know her better.

Your shoes should be clean and polished. Your shirt ironed and you should preferably wear a good deodorant and aftershave. If you want, you can skip the aftershave - but always wear a deodorant - more so if you sweat a lot.

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