Building A Stronger Erection

During the arousal process there are many things inside the body and out that need to happen. The interruption of this process can have devastating results. Most men are able to work past the interruptions without delay but there are times when the results are not all that appealing. This can cause soft erections.

The way that the penis works is actually a miracle of nature. The penis is made up of several chambers or hollowed out sections. These sections are empty during the time when the penis is at rest. However, when arousal happens the chambers then are flooded with a supply of blood which causes the erection.

Despite what you might have heard when you were younger there is no bones in the penis nor does one shoot in there when you are aroused. The penis is made up of soft tissue only and it relies on the blood flow to maintain the stiffness that is needed for the intercourse process. So you can see that blood flow is very important.

But there is the chance that your erection is not as strong as it used to be. Perhaps you are getting very aroused and such and when the time is right you find that you have a half flat penis. This is a weak erection and is often compounded by a lack of arousal in some part of the body. You need to build strength.

Blood Flow

The first thing that you need to do is increase the blood flow to the penis. This is a factor that is important to men because a complete lack of blood flow can lead to impotence. You can achieve increased blood flow through exercises, pills and even a penis enlargement device. It is your choice but you need to start in this place.


The next aspect you need to work with is the arousal. You have to note that a weak erection is often times caused by the fact that your heart is not completely into the idea of the intercourse. Perhaps you are tired or maybe you are just not interested in the person. If this is the case then you need to make some changes.


Finally you need to work on your health. This is from a bodily and sexual point of view. If you have any medical conditions that you are taking medications for then you should review the side effects. In many cases the side effects will list lowered sex drive. If this is something that you believe then speak with your doctor about another medication.

This will all help you better understand and treat a weak erection. Building strength in this area is a vital part of the male sex life. Even if you are very interested in sexual relations with a person a weak erection will cause her confidence level to drop. This can have dramatic effects on the sexual relationship.

So be sure that you are taking all the necessary steps to treat this condition for your own well being.

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