Penis Enlargement Exercise – To Overcome Sexual Dysfunction Conditions

Penis enlargement exercise improves average penis size by bringing about local tissue expansion from the application of external mechanical forces.

The penile growth reported is uniform in both erect and flaccid measures. Penis enlargement exercise promotes hormonal balance by stimulating testicular cells. 

Dopamine Activity:

Junk food high on transfatty acids are said to release large amounts of dopamine over low calorie nutritious food. There could be some form of genetic predisposition to crave high calorie foods. The greater desire for sexual intercourse over other activities is brought about by the above neurohormone.

Sex hormones participate to bring about fertilization behavior and generate genetic diversity among your progeny. Sexual desires and thoughts are modulated by the primitive brain through active neurohormones.

High libido could be brought about by healthy levels of sex hormones in the body. Penis enlargement exercise promotes high orgasmic potential in men by working on the abdominal muscles. 

Male Sexual Conduct:

Promiscuous behavior and erratic sexual conduct could be related to high levels of dopamine. There is release of sex hormones and related neurohormones in mammals only during certain estrous time periods. Penis enlargement exercise can help aging men limit morphological dystrophy that occurs with low testosterone. 

There is increase in the concentration of prolactin at orgasm while there is lowering of dopamine activity. Prolactin is seen to be antagonistic to libido. Local penis exercises act externally and do not interact with systemic prescription agents. 

Prescription drugs like antidepressants can induce erectile dysfunction in men. There could be damage to developing spermatozoa from poor ischemic conditions that relate to the lowered availability of oxygenated blood flow. 

There could be consistent release of prolactin for about 2 weeks after orgasmic experience in the body. The above two hormones are considered to be inversely proportional with their concentration measure. Penis enlargement exercise can help correct faulty penile curvature conditions reported with peyronie's disease. 

Hormone Deficiency Conditions:

The above actions are said to be designed to self regulate sexual behavior in humans. The change in concentrations of the above antagonistic hormones tunes attention to other non sexual activities. High levels of dopamine could induce anxiety and panic attacks. 

Normal levels bring about appropriate motivated behavior. Dopamine deficiency could be related to anorgasmia conditions which are experienced as the inability to derive pleasure from sexual intercourse. Penis enlargement exercise adds to sexual stamina in men by acting against inflammatory agents and harmful free radicals. 

Behavioral Disorders:

Over the average dopamine levels could be related to inappropriate behavior, paranoia, psychosis and compulsive behavioral disorders. Sexual addiction, schizophrenia and mood disorders are reported in few others. Penis enlargement exercise can be combined with herbal penis pills to maintain mental health in men. 

Dopamine deficiency has been indicated as an etiological factor for sexual dysfunction conditions like erectile dysfunction, low libido, depression and anti social behavior. Poor libido, lack of drive and absence of remorse for behavior has been reported. Penis enlargement exercise works against premature ejaculation by initiating development of voluntary control.

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